Stop that thing about finding a tumblr girlfriend or boyfriend.

That’s kind of pathethic.

Go outside. Find a real one. One that you can actually wrap your hands around him/her. One that you can actually rest your lips against his/hers.

onedoesnotsimplydiet replied to your post: we’re becoming a little s…

Don’t lead him on if you don’t want it to <3 it still hurts, even for boys.

But it’s the other way around. LOL.

we’re becoming a little sweet to each other.

i just hope this frienship doesn’t evolve into a romantic relationship.


I just found a site where you can post your assignments in there and people would actually do them for free. O.o

Here the site: LINK

Unfortunately, registration is currently closed.

Some people look like characters from books. It’s like they just walked out of a book and started to mingle with us humans.

Learning to be confident about yourself is a long way.

But while having true friends, you’ll be just fine.

Trust me. :)

I ship Tris and Four. Hihi. ♥

But I’m still on the first book of the Divergent series. :(

I gotta read faster! :D

“You're pretty ^^”


Aww shucks. Thanks. :”)

But I hope you’re not a hater who’ll send a follow up message saying that you were just joking. Huehue.

You know that I have from the start.

You know that I have from the start.

Cute Google Chrome theme. ♥

Cute Google Chrome theme. ♥