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sa tingin mo mas maganda yan sa dream weaver?

Sa totoo lang, ngayon ko palang tatry yung Muse e. Kakadownload ko lang nung crack kagabi. Binalak ko na ding pag-aralan yung Dream Weaver dati kaso walang nangyari. Haha.

Pero sa tingin ko, mas maganda yung Dream Weaver - kung marunong ka talagang mag HTML coding. Kasi kahit anong gusto mo magagawa mo as long as alam kung pano gawin yung code. Pero sa mga tulad kong aspiring web designers at noob pa, mas convenient siguro kung Muse muna ang gagamitin. Feeling ko kasi, limitado lang sa Muse e.

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Anong gamit nung Muse?

Website designer pero walang coding.

  • Daddy: *Nanonood ng balita*
  • Me: *nag-iinternet~*
  • Daddy: Louie, wala daw kayong klase bukas.
  • Me: Ang narinig ko, preschool ang walang klase.
  • Daddy: ...
  • Me: Wait. Inside joke ba yun.

In 2 years, I’ll finally step up to the stage and receive my college diploma. Then I’ll post  a status on Facebook saying “FUCK YEAH! I SURVIVED COLLEGE!”. After a few days, I’ll submit my resumes to several companies and hopefully, most of them will call me back to perform an interview.

But before attending those interviews, I’ll read this tips again to avoid the dos and donts before and during the interview.

So for the future me, I hope you’ll remember to read this first before going to an interview. And, good luck on your job interview. I know you’ll ace it coz you’re freaking awesome.

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That’s better than what I have! I’ll have to take screenshots tomorrow.

No. You don’t have to be nice. Haha. 

ByeBye Macromedia Flash.HELLO FLASH PRO! :”“”“>Tae. Kinikilig talaga ako. :”“”>

ByeBye Macromedia Flash.

Tae. Kinikilig talaga ako. :”“”>

I’m too tired to care about your bullshits.
Gotta Study!

I have this Physick and Chemishit Finals tomorrow.

Imma start studying in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1.

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Who even sends these?

People who are desperate to be recognized, I guess.

“Hello there, I found a way to get loads of followers and make your blog crazy popular! Tumblr, for some reason, will not let me post links but here you go followhypе(.)com”


Nah. I’m already popular. LOLJK.