“How do you feel about euphoniums?”


When I first read this message, I was like: “Huh? Eupho-what?”

Then I googled it. Wikipedia says that “euphonium is a conical-bore, tenor-voiced brass instrument." So it’s a musical intrument.

Then they’re okay, I guess.

I’m thinking of making a personal blog.

secretsofabully WAS a personal blog. :|

But I can’t think of a nice URL. Got any lovely ideas?

Which books are good to read? :)



What if instead of police dogs, there were giant, man sized police spiders

There would be no crime

I should really get some sleep.

It’s twelve midnight and I have an 8AM class tomorrow. Or rather, later.

Well good night!


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Facebook Chat

Typing ” :0 ” instead of ” :) “

Clicking the VideoCall button instead of the Close button.

Ending the sentence with a ” / ” instead of a ” . “

And of course, “hahahhhaaa!1” instead of “hahahaha!!”

Usapang Crush
  • Jugs: So sinong crush mo ngayon?
  • Ako: Wala... Mahaharot mga dati kong crush e. Ayoko ng mga mahaharot. Kahit happy crush nga wala ako e.
  • Jugs: Happy crush? Ano yun?
  • Ako: Yun yung crush na... Masaya ka lang pag nakikita mo sila. Yung natutuwa ka. Pero di mo sila crush in a romantic way.
  • Jugs: Ahh... So sinong happy crush mo?
  • Ako: Wala. Haha... Ay teka... Ikaw! Happy crush kita! Haha.
  • Jugs: O? Bakit? Hehe.
  • Ako: Wala lang. Natutuwa lang ako pag nandiyan. Tas cute ka. Haha
  • Jugs: So... Nagselos ka ba kanina nung may hinaharot ako?
  • Ako: Ha? So what? Happy crush lang naman. Lahat kaya ng tao dito maharot. Including me.
  • Jugs: Ah. Kala ko naiinis ka sakin e. Haha.
  • Ako: Feeler ka Jugs. Haha.

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“OMG! You followed me!! OMG OMG OMG OMG! Thank you!!! Xoxo”


Well you have an adorable blog… So why shouldn’t I follow you? :)